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Pension: Eropean boarding house providing all or some mial at fixed rate.
The Pension@spring
Owner & wife
Sunset from Heisaura bea‚ƒh

The Pension Nanohana is located at the southern top of Chiba Prefecture's Boso Peninsula;
100km from Chiba city, the prefectural capital, and two and one half hours by car from Narita
We are surrounded on three side by the sea and warmed by Black current; even in winter our
temperatures are mild,ourlandscape expoding with the vivid color of flowers in bloom.

Owner:Yasuhis Amagai
I worked at a city hall for 14 years as an civil engineer, my hobbies are mountain climing fishing Rugby and telemark ski.
Wife:Yoshie Amagai

She has also worked at the same city hall for 14 years as a nursery school teacher, she has no particulan hobby, but she likes babies and children very much.
So we can provide meal for your babies and children expect during the busy season.

By train from the Tokyo area:

Take the Sazanamii or View Sazanami express from JR Tokyo Staition, and get off at Tateyama
(1 hour & 42min at the the shortest) Take the JR bus from the station, get off Nagoura(25min)
5 min by foots from the bus stop.

By car from the Tokyo area:
Take the Keiyo Expressway or Wangan Expressway then Tateyama Expressway to Tomiura
IC then National Route 127 to Tateyama@and Bosokoensen to Pension Nanohana.
By car from the Yokohama or Kawasaki area.
Take the Tokyo Bay Aqualine from Kawasaki, or the Tokyo Bay Ferry from Kurihama to Kanaya
Take Route 127 to Tateyama, and Bosokoensen to Pension Nanohana.
Around pension map